Monday, November 30, 2009

Sometimes the patient

Yeah, its been quiet. I'm afraid that my patients just haven't yielded the sort of experience that bespeaks a whole post. The dislocated hip lady who was also ETOH x 3 the legal limit refused transfer, so I didn't get to have an hour and fifteen minutes of her company, which was alternatingly histrionic and unconscious. I haven't tangled with any ill humored ER nurses in other hospitals lately.

What I HAVE been doing, though, is thinking about my own health. Which is for the most part okay, but for the whole part, not so much. I've decided to take an honest look at the fact that I'm about half a parsec away from NFPA standards and, more than just LOOK, actually DO SOMETHING about it. So here's my post, over on my blog about this kinda thing, that tells you where I'm starting from.

I'll be back to my regularly scheduled hijinks very very soon.

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